A Family Portrait on the Cape

March 5th, 2012

The snow outside my studio window is sticking to the branches and it definitely looks like winter is still here. I thought it appropriate to warm us all by posting a few images from a summer portrait session Linda and I did down in Mashpee on Cape Cod. A lush and woodsy setting at Gabby, Zack, Deanna, Frank and beloved pet Chloe’s home served as a vibrant setting for the first part of our photographic session. And then, how wonderful to have a sandy stretch of beach just down the road where our afternoon of image making continued. Sun, sand, sea grass and surf ! We had a fun session with this wonderful family…kids really enjoying themselves and very enthusiastic mom and dad. Linda and I headed over to Mashpee Commons for a delicious dinner and then back home. A delight to revisit such a glorious day!!

Lisa and Dan

February 20th, 2012

It was such a delight to return to The Four Season Hotel in Boston for Lisa and Dan’s beautiful wedding. I have a long and special history with Lisa and her family, having photographed Lisa and her sister Rachel’s Bat Mitzvahs, and Rachel’s wedding as well. I feel like part of the family and these milestones only add to the richness and depth of our friendship.

Philip Deschamps of the Four Seasons orchestrated a flawless event. The food, the service were spectacular. Carol Silverston and Jodi Raphael of The Original Touch enhanced the gorgeous spaces with her inventive and elegant floral artistry.  And the party rocked on into the early morning hours to the hip musical talents of Joey Scott and the Connection.   Enjoy a glimpse at this fun filled night via the images below captured by my second photographer Walter Van Dusen and myself!


February 9th, 2011

Check out this adorable, little boy with a breathtakingly expressive face. Grady has riveting eyes, an endearing smile, irresistible curls and the cutest little personality. He was such a fun subject to photograph.

We work to portray the magic of the captivating and engaging little people who arrive at our studio. We think we have the greatest job. We feel so lucky!!

Jordana and Mike

February 9th, 2011

We were thrilled to photograph this extraordinary wedding orchestrated by the wonderfully creative Carol Silverston and Jodi Raphael of The Original Touch at Boston’s striking Intercontinental Hotel.  From bouquets and attire, to ceremonial setting and ballroom, the event was magically inspired by the beauty of Taiwan.

An amazing array of surprises unfolded as the evening progressed. The bride and groom conducted a Chinese tea ceremony that transitioned into the nuptials. Hal Slifer Video treated all to a photo video tour of the bride and grooms lives, from infancy onward through the decades, and amazingly integrated footage from the wedding ceremony as well.  To everyone’s great delight Jordana and Mike, ballroom dance instructors, commanded the dance floor in their own choreographed piece.

The floor was packed throughout the evening as one and all danced to the dynamic music of BeanTown.  In the midst of the celebration the bride and groom and all the guests were surprised with a spectacular fireworks display set over the water outside the Intercontiental and viewed through the Ballroom’s expansive windows.

Another feast for the eyes unfolded as a fabulous display of sweets, tuxedoed strawberries, dazzling pastries and mouthwatering enticements graced by chocolate sculptured trees and towers was presented by Paul Melino and his masterful staff of the Intercontinental Hotel.

We send special thanks to everyone who made this event so fantastic. It was so much fun to work with this amazingly talented array of professionals. And especially, to Jordana and Mike and their wildly creative, warm and fun –loving, family – it was our delight to capture it all!

The Putnam Cousins

September 14th, 2010

The grounds of their grandparents home, on a glistening summer day, was the setting for this portrait session of cousins Dana, Ben and Ari. I had the pleasure, some years ago, of photographing high school senior portraits for their mothers and also a wedding. It’s always gratifying to be asked to periodically preserve moments in time for families and a delight to maintain these connections over lifetimes.


July 2nd, 2010

When you meet Noor you are immediately struck by her beautiful and captivating eyes. Noor is training in classical vocal performance and came to me for head shots and other images she could use for concert publicity. While Noor is incredibly kind, gentle and sweet, she also has a strength and composure that I hoped to capture. These qualities and her natural charisma and warmth translated effortlessly into the images. Noor has had a truly global life, living in numerous countries before going to school in the United States. We talked about her wide-ranging experiences and passion for music during the photo shoot. The day was beautiful, so after taking a number of photographs in my studio we went out and explored various locations.

For Mark

June 10th, 2010

There are often unanticipated rewards to being a photographer. Last week Christine came to my studio with her 18 month old son Michael. Christine wanted a portrait of the two of them for her husband Mark, who is in the Army and has been stationed in Afghanistan since the fall. I have a long history with this family. I photographed Christine and each of her three wonderful sisters when they were 18 months old, each when they made their first communions, then again when they were high school seniors. The tradition continues now with 18 month old Michael. I had so much fun photographing him. He was into the mechanics of my camera and managed to change the focusing point with his little but able fingers. Recently, Christine and her mother came back to the studio to view the photographs. While image choices were being discussed, I thought wouldn’t it be great to send Mark a little slide show of some of their favorites. With a little effort here in my studio a dad who is 6500 miles from home gets a glimpse of his wife and his ever growing son; and I hope that it delivers a lot of joy too.

Emily and David

April 21st, 2010

I really enjoy photographing my clients and it is a thrill to connect again and again. I am honored to witness Emily’s many milestones. I photographed her Bat Mitzvah a decade ago, her high school senior portrait a few years later and I remembered her as a bright, thoughtful teenager.  Fast forward to her wedding at the elegant Four Seasons Hotel in Boston and there she was, this beautiful bride.  Again I saw that same wonderful glow, sweetness, intelligence and vitality. Her groom, David had a great sense of humor and a very affable way about him. I felt instantly like we had been friends for years.  They had a magical night and I was thrilled to be there to record it all.


March 31st, 2010

Photographing people is great fun. In a short period of time you meet, get to know and ultimately have the honor and responsibility of portraying a dimension of that person. David was an easy subject to photograph. He had an engaging personality. Within a few minutes I learned that he was once a CFO of my favorite candy company. A wonderful conversation followed about some of the candies I enjoyed growing up.

Welcome to my blog

March 31st, 2010

I am very excited to announce the Studio Eleven blog which I am proud to say was designed by my son Jesse.

I’ll be using this blog to post recent images and highlights from our portrait and event photography. I look forward to your comments.

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