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Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

Check out this adorable, little boy with a breathtakingly expressive face. Grady has riveting eyes, an endearing smile, irresistible curls and the cutest little personality. He was such a fun subject to photograph.

We work to portray the magic of the captivating and engaging little people who arrive at our studio. We think we have the greatest job. We feel so lucky!!

Jordana and Mike

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

We were thrilled to photograph this extraordinary wedding orchestrated by the wonderfully creative Carol Silverston and Jodi Raphael of The Original Touch at Boston’s striking Intercontinental Hotel.  From bouquets and attire, to ceremonial setting and ballroom, the event was magically inspired by the beauty of Taiwan.

An amazing array of surprises unfolded as the evening progressed. The bride and groom conducted a Chinese tea ceremony that transitioned into the nuptials. Hal Slifer Video treated all to a photo video tour of the bride and grooms lives, from infancy onward through the decades, and amazingly integrated footage from the wedding ceremony as well.  To everyone’s great delight Jordana and Mike, ballroom dance instructors, commanded the dance floor in their own choreographed piece.

The floor was packed throughout the evening as one and all danced to the dynamic music of BeanTown.  In the midst of the celebration the bride and groom and all the guests were surprised with a spectacular fireworks display set over the water outside the Intercontiental and viewed through the Ballroom’s expansive windows.

Another feast for the eyes unfolded as a fabulous display of sweets, tuxedoed strawberries, dazzling pastries and mouthwatering enticements graced by chocolate sculptured trees and towers was presented by Paul Melino and his masterful staff of the Intercontinental Hotel.

We send special thanks to everyone who made this event so fantastic. It was so much fun to work with this amazingly talented array of professionals. And especially, to Jordana and Mike and their wildly creative, warm and fun –loving, family – it was our delight to capture it all!