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For Mark

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

There are often unanticipated rewards to being a photographer. Last week Christine came to my studio with her 18 month old son Michael. Christine wanted a portrait of the two of them for her husband Mark, who is in the Army and has been stationed in Afghanistan since the fall. I have a long history with this family. I photographed Christine and each of her three wonderful sisters when they were 18 months old, each when they made their first communions, then again when they were high school seniors. The tradition continues now with 18 month old Michael. I had so much fun photographing him. He was into the mechanics of my camera and managed to change the focusing point with his little but able fingers. Recently, Christine and her mother came back to the studio to view the photographs. While image choices were being discussed, I thought wouldn’t it be great to send Mark a little slide show of some of their favorites. With a little effort here in my studio a dad who is 6500 miles from home gets a glimpse of his wife and his ever growing son; and I hope that it delivers a lot of joy too.